Dog Walking

Small group walks of 3 to 5 dogs for 60 to 90 minutes at San Francisco’s premier dog parks.


Including; dog walking, pet sitting, house sitting, and pet taxi. Our philosophy is focused on exercise, discipline, and positive reinforcement.

Service Areas

Please contact us at 415.412.5971 or send us a message on the contact page for service area coverage. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Licensed & Insured

We are licensed, bonded and insured. You can relax while your pet is safe and having a blast.


My love of animals inspired me into offering dog services. As a child I grew up in a hippie commune in the Andes Mountains of Venezuela surrounded by animals. Although mountainous, the area was also classified as a rainforest and allowed me to have all kinds of fascinating experiences interacting with my environment.
Some of my earliest memories were of milking my cow or riding my horse. As a child I had cats, dogs, snakes, sheep, cows, horses, chickens, goats, and doves. My entire childhood I was surrounded by the existence of animals in my daily life.

In 2005 I suffered from a severe illness that left me bedridden and eventually required major surgery for me to heal. My rehab began with daily walks with my dog Liam. It was the start of transforming my life to one of strength and balance. I loved it so much that as I grew stronger and healed I didn’t want it to stop. I started Happy Little Paws shortly after in 2006. I thrived and quickly realized I had a knack for teaching and healing dogs. My calm assertive attitude accompanied by my skill for reinforcement of good behaviors rapidly built my business. I realized that I could do more than just walk dogs, I was able to really change dog behavior patterns and help dogs to release anxieties and negative habits and behaviors.

I closed my business for a couple of years to go back and complete my under graduate degree in Psychology, but now am back focusing on rebuilding my business and expanding the services I offer to pet owners.
It would be and honor and a privilege to care for your pets. I look forward to meeting with you and your dog in the near future.

Warmly, Alessandra Vitale


Small Group Walk (3-5 Dogs)

Walks are 45 minutes to 90 minutes long

Fixed Monthly Rate

1 Dog $380
2 Dogs $580

Weekly Rate

1 Dog $95 (5 walks)
2 Dogs $150 (5 walks)

Per Walk Rate

1 Dog $23
2 Dogs $35
3 Dogs $50

Private Walk

Private walks are an option, but the walks will be only 30 minutes and may be on-leash. For more details regarding private walks, please contact us.

Weekend Rate

1 Dog $35 (per Walk)
2 Dogs $45 (per Walk)

In Home Boarding

Boarding is not available at this time.

In Home Sitting

1 Dog $60 (per Walk)
2 Dogs $80 (per Walk)
Sitting for other types of animals (cats, birds, etc) also available. Please call us for more details.


Happy Little Paws is located centrally in San Francisco near SOMA. Because of our central location we can accommodate dog owners from many neighborhoods of San Francisco. In general we focus our packs within a 3 mile radius, but send us an email and we will see if we can fit you pup into one of our packs.

I offer a weekly trip to Fort Funston for 2 hours. For more information please contact me via the contact form.

Alessandra Vitale Phone: 415.412.5971

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We are located in the Corner of:

11th St. and Kissling St. San Francisco, CA 94103

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Happy Little Paws is a highly professional service that is flexible, and affordable. Ale absolutely loves dogs and this will be very evident from the moment she meets you and your dog. Her smile is infectious amongst animals and humans. She is particularly great with dogs who have challenges or anxiety. She has that rare calm assertiveness needed to win over certain dogs. Ale focuses on smaller dogs which means your pup will not get lost or injured with a large dog pack.

She is highly organized and leaves cute notes for you describing the daily activity with your pup. These can be very helpful when you get home from work and want to know if #2 has already been accomplished for the evening.

I would highly recommend her.


Happy Little Paws is the best dog walking in the city! I’m a doctor, so I’m gone most of the day, and Leya, my dog is home alone. I need someone I can trust and rely on. I’ve had other dog walkers, but there were cancelations at the last minute, my dog got fleas, and other lame stuff happened. Happy Little Paws has been nothing but professional, friendly, and reliable. Thank you Alessandra!